So who am I?
I am married. Happily married to Anna, who as tradition would have it made an incredible difference to my life.
I have a daughter. Who was adopted by her parents a long time ago when I was a different person. This makes me a ‘Birth Parent’. We are in contact, have met each other and hopefully our relationship will grow stronger and stronger. Her parents are incredible people, as is she. I though, am biased I guess. I sit on an Adoption Panel, for a Charity called Adoption Matters. This involves recommending new parents for adoption, so plenty of reading of case files, and meeting the parents at panel with their social worker. I’m proud to do a tiny bit towards helping get new parents through the system. I’m extremely proud of how we work, we have approved single people, married couples who have enough money to cope and those that need help, gay people, straight people, everything under the sun people. What the media may have you believe about adoption is not necessarily the case. This is easy to say though as Adoption Matters are an incredible organisation, they helped me when I needed it and are exemplary within the field.
Amongst other ailments I have Osteoporosis. This wasn’t initially diagnosed as such, unfortunately my doctor felt my back pain was just from overwork in my job as a commercial photographer. In fact what was happening was my vertebra were collapsing, six collapsed before they could be halted. Three beyond repair, two have been operated on and cemented together (T7 & T11), and now I take drugs to help with things like the absorption of calcium.
This leaves me a chronic pain sufferer. I take different pain killers to ease things, including morphine for more intense times. All in all I take a minimum 14 pills a day, from simple seizure medication all the way up to the morphine.
I am a dog and cat owner. Our cat Domino is old doesn’t do much anymore. Our dogs, Rudy and Izzy are Viszla’s. Hungarian Hunting Hounds. They do too much.
I am a graduate of the Visual Arts course at Salford University. I now have a BA (Hons) Degree in Visual Art. Why they changed the name from Fine Art, well who knows?! University was an incredible experience as a mature student. It has changed me, for the better I hope, it helped reinstate a feeling of self worth after being so ill for a time. However I wouldn’t recommend the course now. It was poorly funded to start with, now it has funding being cut from beneath it as we speak. The better tutors have left, as of course they are the ones that can, having things they can do outside of the University. Four years as a student rep within the university system taught me just how little can be done in such bureaucratic institutions when they don’t want to change.

This leaves me as an artist. A photographer, performance, action, installation  interventionist any variant of artist you care to mention. You are in the best place to keep up with who and what I am. All roads lead from here so to speak….


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