I’m a recent graduate of Salford University. Visual Art program.
On the whole I liked the place. However with cut-backs, well I wouldn’t bother. The best tutors have left, after all they are the ones that can as they have something they can achieve elsewhere and don’t need the university. The course was under funded as it was. There was never talk of how to make the course better. I should know, I was a student rep for four years. Dealing with them was like treading in syrup, deep deep syrup, with no bottom to it. The course had three different people in charge in the time I was there, that probably didn’t help.
However now I guess this make me an artist……..
As a professional photographer. Working in the advertising and commercial fields, have been for quite a while.
You can find my photographic work at www.maclese.com
As a performance artist I work with a group called ur. No that’s not some sort of ‘You Are’ type thing, rather ur was born during a performance of Kurt Schwitters’ Ursonate, which took place as part of the MERZMAN festival in spring 2011. Which feels an age ago now!
There are other facets to my work, but you’ll find them in the ‘About‘ and ‘Links‘ sections.

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