Rather than fill the menu up with a tonne of individual shots that make it to my folio, ones I sell, or just ones I like that don’t make the folio. Here they are. In no real order of preference.

Corner of East 102nd Street & Lexington (Facing Park Avenue)

Corner of East 102nd Street & Lexington (Facing Park Avenue)


Taken on the Upper East Side, New York, (East Harlem).
Looking for an image that represented the New York I had come to love, the New York that wasn’t the skyscrapers, that wasn’t the glamour and glitz, but however wasn’t something dirty, dark and seedy.
This image concerns the banality of real life; what is just a suburb, a place to live for those there. This road, should you follow it, leads over to Park Ave. Turn left and follow the american dream. Against the flow of traffic.

You can buy this through Saatchi Online of course, but I also will supply prints myself. Contact me and we can go through what prices for what sizes, I will of course sign the print (only if you want me to). No image is printed more than ten times unless otherwise stated. I have images printed on Baryta FB Distinction paper, (A triple weighted, bright white fibre base paper. The triple weight feature imitates the traditional look and feel of a true Baryta paper and provides an almost 3D quality to many printed images. This 100% alpha cellulose premium high white gloss Baryta paper guarantees the full archival stability standard.)

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