These images started out as a reflection of what I considered my own isolation within life and the metropolis. I felt empathy with those whose picture i took going about their own solitary lives, a briefly grabbed window into someone else’s existence. You can picture in your mind what you think they may be thinking, whether it’s an urge to get home early, a need for warmth, a show to attend. All have their little story than no one will ever know. I’ve come to love these pictures, and probably more just the act of taking these pictures. The sitting and waiting is a lovely peaceable affair, people stare strangely as they wonder why you sat there before the train came, and now you sit there as they pull away from the station. For the film/sound work in Manchester A Personal Space , ( I took sound recordings on railway platforms in Manchester whilst waiting for that perfect shot.

18th Avenue Rambuteau Phleon Chit Clear Signal - Pont de L'Alma Home Inner Circle Off Broadway

I should of course mention……..You can buy these through Saatchi Online of course, but I also will supply prints myself. Contact me and we can go through what prices for what sizes, I will sign the print (only if you want me to). No image is printed more than ten times unless otherwise stated. I have images printed on Baryta FB Distinction paper, (This is what they say about their paper…….A triple weighted, bright white fibre base paper. The triple weight feature imitates the traditional look and feel of a true Baryta paper and provides an almost 3D quality to many printed images. This 100% alpha cellulose premium high white gloss Baryta paper guarantees the full archival stability standard.)

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