Father. A breakdown of my own relationship with my Father. His obsession with writing plays, that clatter of sound the keys made, the disintegration of him physically and my need to dismember him. To rebuild something from the ruin that is our relationship. But this is not just about my relationship with my father, but all our relationships. The arcane old workhorse, left to rot and die whilst we look on either with pity or admiration. Disembowelled to render useless but presented as a thing of beauty to be admired. The conflict with have with our father married with the visual conflict presented.
So to this piece reflects my own self as a Father. How that has shaped me to this day and will continue to shape me. There may never be a day to rebuild my relationship as a Father, this piece reflects that very notion.

I should also of course point out that this and other of my artworks can be found at Saatchi Online. I’ve only recently started uploading to here so still building it slowly.

(My Typewriter had to be a response to Mother, 2009, reconstructed typewriter – Fiona Banner. I couldn’t produce a piece with a typewriter and not nod her way, i wouldn’t do a piece about a typewriter and not call it Father.)

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.”
Sigmund Freud

FATHER P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010

FATHER P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010


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