A piece started within 2008, completed 2009. Book produced 2010.
The sound added is to reflect my time during the year this project has taken to complete. The audio has been recorded in Stockport, Manchester, Salford, my back garden, at train stations, at Metro stations, at lectures, at my leisure. This is what my mind sounds like as I walk.
The walk visually starts at Trinity Bridge, Salford (53º 28′ 38.41″ – 2º 15′ 03.43″), and ends at Piccadilly Station, Manchester (53º 28′ 38.41″ – 2º 13′ 50.37″). The shots are taken at random with an iPhone, just kept taking them as quickly as it would let me.

This piece is a personal reflection on my place within Manchester, feelings of isolation and pain that ran quite deep for me at the time, and to some extent still do through other continuing projects such as “PLATFORM” and “I Don’T Like You Very Much”.

There are two ways to engage with this work, one through the short film produced and one through the book, the stills have never been printed and shown as traditional photographs within an exhibition, this was never the intention.



The book can be viewed and of course purchased here at Blurb


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