I started out life as a photographer, and this still dominates my work. Over twenty years of working within the advertising photography field, plus of course my personal work, can’t be just wiped over. It was my aim that in going to university I would increase my art knowledge and build on my photography and maybe move into short film making, something I’d always loved. It remains to be seen just how much learning university has given me; the one thing I did gain however is, performance. This garnered within me over years without realising it. The advertising world is full of performance; people acting out parts within this world to satisfy clients miss-held beliefs, conforming to stereo types they try to escape. I look back on instances where an art director would question how “smart” I looked, and that there was no need to dress up. Without the slightest hint of irony; I think he really did believe all photographers should be scruffy like some sort of pseudo David Bailey, that my dress had anything to do with what we were doing in this context? We would sometimes create almost a show, clients to be wheeled in to watch us perform. Inane questions from all quarters answered in depth. Portfolio viewings would be the best, everyone struggling to pass comment, trying to say something profound about the world we inhabited. Surprisingly I do still sometimes work within this world, my love for photography and the purity of image we can get still rises about the nit picking. What you see here is a mix of work, as mixed up as I am. Dredged what you can from it, all work is work in progress. I would hate to feel I am already defined s an artist.

Should you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I hope to be always welcoming.


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