Monthly Archives: February 2013

It’s not often now that I truly miss the world of photography, become inspired by a photographers work, or even have much of a passing interest. However¬†¬†Paul Schneggenburger and his work ‘the sleep of the beloved‘ has certainly caught my eye. A much used subject now with sleeping films of Beckham to candid pictures taken with the subelty of a slap from your favourite 80’s diva. So these soft delicate studies of how couples perform together are a treat to the eye. It appears they’ve been done, as all good work is, ever so simply.

Out of respect i’ve not stolen the pictures for my blog, just follow the links…

Paul Schneggenburger – ‘the sleep of the beloved’

Paul Schneggenburger – ‘the sleep of the beloved’

However, make of them what you will. Personally I’d be volunteering as soon as possible, if he was at least in the same country. Such a shame. (For me not him)