New work: ‘In Spite of Myself’

Well it’s difficult, isn’t it always? Well whilst I have image files from ur:white night uploading to my dropbox, Facebook not taking all the images I wanted to upload so waiting to get them back under-way, Fickr though has them all, film work of ‘Bodies Pressured‘ finally edited together and rendering (once which I will have to export and upload to show Bruce Nauman (it is only polite)), in the middle of creating twitter Doctor Invasive which I’m not sure what to do with, writing press release for ur:purple, inviting more artists , I’ve a logo to look at, wedding pictures to do of course, oh and I’m sure other “stuff”. So the point? The point is ‘In Spite of Myself’ or is it ‘Inspite of Myself‘, maybe ‘In spite of oneself’ I’m even considering ‘Despite Myself’ or ‘Despite‘. It is of course helping just writing these down, it always does. I’m reworking the paint of course, the left hand side as you look at it I’m happy with, the right not so. For obvious reasons I guess, in that the cloud formation makes to much of a shape, but also for there being too much blue, and this is not just at the fault of the right. Whilst the connotations to the feeling ‘blue’ are good, blue skies are just downright too positive to be in something like this. I do need it to be calm though, so no stormy skies, the spite needs to applied to a serene figure, that I believe is where the power is. Anyway, work in progress……..

IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1595Ha, ‘Bodies Pressured‘ came out at just under 30gig, I’d not really looked at its length before, it’s 45 mins so a re-export in progress. back to that press release…….


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