Transferred over probably my two favourite works

Maybe very telling just how old those works are and how unhappy I’ve been with my recent output. I can’t quite put a finger on what it is about these two pieces that I don’t get from newer work, work which after all should be more complex and refined.

Father; maybe I should be doing more works reflecting my relationship with my Father? was this the driving force that pushed this work forward? That made it resonate? Was it the mixing of the different aspects of art that so works for me? I’m afraid I seem to have more questions than I do answers. I’ve even trawled through the “likes” and comments of Tumblr to see if something jumped out, but nothing really. Father may yet remain and enigma  oh the irony. It is irony isn’t it? Or is it just misfortune?!

The Other piece; Manchester A Personal Space, so to do more work about Isolation  I should after all have my Platform work on here as it most closely reflects that. In fact, something I’ll do now!





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