The start to the year that was……..

Well feeling my way around Tumblr has been interesting, creating a page and posting a couple of things to get myself acclimatised. I said I’d never do the Tumblr thing, I said I’d not do a lot of things, but the flattery of seeing my work posted by others on there eased me in. Although I’ still not sure how I feel about someone taking my picture and doing their own edit of it, placing type etc. There’s one thing people passing comment on your work, another fckn with it !

Let me know what you think?



These two I’m more akin to, well they haven’t messed with my work so that helps; . I must admit this is a favourite piece of work, which I’d not received much feedback from tutors about at Uni. This had led me to believe it wasn’t really as impact full as I’d believed, and that maybe it was just too personal. Now I realise maybe I didn’t ask the right questions, or just my tutor support at Salford Uni was crap.

FATHER P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010

FATHER P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010

Should I now be looking to be on Pinterest as well?!

Perhaps I’ll just stick to what I have at the moment!! Tumblr and me on it.

My changes to this site have been started, the re organisation of my work. See if I can make it a little less confusing. The start of an Individual Photographs Page. A Contact Me Page. Plus moving pages about as I review them, I’m about to dig out my Artists CV, Statement and Exhibition Chronology  Lets see how that goes!!

Anyway, next week: A trip to Castlefield Gallery to see the superb Tattoo City, sorting out the next ur:night of colour, editing together the documentation from that night and a whole lot more!

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