Monthly Archives: December 2012

My life seems to be dominated by ‘White‘ at the moment. Unfortunately or not; not white Christmas cheer, or is that giving something away?!?! Anyway progress is being made with ur:and we have plenty of excellent guest artists to compliment our own artists on the night. Estelle Woolley, Mike Chavaz-DawsonSandra Bouguerch and Rosanne Robertson. (Plus another who I’m yet to fully confirm). I’m just hoping we can in future hold up the same standard in artists, I aimed to hit the ground running so to speak but this kind of line up was a dream! Now all we have to do is get people there, and that is always the hardest of things. No free booze or christmas gifts, just experimental art!!

Still massively behind in updating this site to include all works done, still no money, still carrying on regardless. Better get back to doing ur:stuffWhite Invite