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“unconvinced” by the sound component of this piece, I remain an enigma to my head of year at Uni it seems. (certainly glad I’ve left)
I’d have added it to this site, but it belongs to Thephone now.


So it’s all done. Degree over and onwards into the rest….
Time to reflect. Over the next week or so I will do just that. Adding work that has been done recently and information about that work, how it all relates etc.
First up, is last up.

Bodies Pressured

Still taken from video footage of ‘Bodies Pressured’ performance piece.
Islington Mill, June 2012

By far the most enjoyable piece. Maybe as it was last, maybe as it had Bruce Nauman at its core?

Well it comes to Sunday night and you ask yourself the question. What am I up to this week? Uni is over, hand ins done, nothing left to do surely. Then the slow dawning of realisation. Degree Show Week, and I have three. How did that happen?!
Wednesday 13th, Media City Degree Show along with all the other courses within the Art & Design ensemble of Salford University.
It looks like I’ll have three pieces in this one, so I can’t complain. Should be a good little party too, Salford Uni will surely be up for showing off its beautiful new facility at Media City.
Thursday 14th at Allerton Studios. Our home. This is our degree show proper, the final work we wrote our proposals for. My installation with Gabrielle, and my long pondered over Lobster Phone. This one is nerve wracking!
Starts at five thirty, so a nice early one! Allerton Studios
Frederick Road Campus
Frederick Road
M6 6PU
Me thinks there will be plenty of drunk students at this!
Plenty of drunk people at the next one come to think of it. Sunday 17th at islington mill, ‘I’ve started, so I’ll finish’. Student led degree show of just a select few, just for fun. And this one I perform at, with kind permission of Bruce Nauman, Gabrielle and I will be doing our version of ‘Body Pressure’. ‘Bodies Pressured’.

If I thought these last couple of weeks were killing me, then this week may well do just that. I just can’t wait to get started!!!