Taking Up Space at RE Creative

Whilst still wondering what the piece should be called, I’ve come up with another title, Taking Up Space.
Pushed into a little corner over this, I was desperate to enter a particular competition, as whilst researching Yayoi Kusama I’d found this competition where you could visit the artists studio!
So what else can you do but enter?! A chance not to be missed, but what best express’s the theme of OBSESSION? The piece I was working on at the time I was researching Kusama’s work I guess best fits in with this. Kind of handy that. But if I’ve actually managed to convey how obsessive the piece became, the struggle and the issues it raised that went way beyond what I’d originally set out to achieve. God knows!

Names I’d originally thought of using…….

Isolation II

Preparation For A Death March

This One Is For Eileen

The Impossible Darkness That You Find In The World

Spaces Found

I Don’t Like You Very Much

I Do Not Think I Will Like You Very Much Anymore

I Like The Idea Of Causing Trouble For You And Everyone Else

I Will Get The Figures And Work Out What This Is Costing You

Try To Understand

This Is All About Surviving Life

Touch Feel Listen Hear

Spaces Found Inside My Soul

There Has Never Been A Space Within This World For Me

There Has Never Been A Space Within This World For You

Anyway, to see the site and my ‘Project’, you can find it here ……..http://www.recreativeuk.com/project/taking-space

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