Countdown Continues

There is a reason I’ve not been fastidiously writing here, finals time. Time to make all they have taught us happen, show something worth showing!
Although in one way I’ve kind of got that covered. Not that this is for placement within the Degree Show within the studios as that would be a bit of a waste. Firstly I don’t want to perform on Degree Show night, hate having family and friends as a performance audience. They feel they have to comment, plus be nice, plus understand etc. It is just best for all concerned they not be there, and degree show they will want to be at the actual thing. (Last year got around this by performing ‘Father‘ before the main show started.)
Anyway, the sorted bit….. Reproducing/Interpreting/Re-performing a Bruce Nauman piece. Wrote to him and astonishingly he has said yes. Why Astonishingly?! Well would you let some foreign students fck with your work? Not sure I would. Although now I’d be ashamed not to let anyone redo one of my performances. We need to send him our proposal, updated now of course!
Whilst on the subject of Bruce Nauman, we have a piece out at the moment, ‘Mapping The Studios‘. Which of corse shares a name with work by Nauman, ‘Mapping the Studios II‘. Have to admit I was tempted to call our Maping The Studios Too. However…..

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Actually as I mention other works we have at the moment in and around uni, we should mention; ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape‘ and ‘Mother & Child Divided‘, we’ve credited these as with all our works within the hallways as “Proesch & Passmore”, Gilbert & George to those that know. This was a conscious effort to distance ourselves from the work, as though artists making work about other artists, us. Maybe a mistake? Should we just take responsibility? that remains to be seen I guess.

Make of these what you will. The titles say quite a lot about them, despite being taken from Damien Hirst, they do shed light onto what we are trying to say. Not just there to piss off Mr Hirst, which apparently using his titles does.
Other work up and to the moment. ‘Hang Nail‘, which really is an exercise in “Modern” art, rather than being anything we’d present outside of University. Just a visual pun type thing that came to mind. Although maybe our tutors are teaching us a lesson with the other little piece featuring a hammer? I do love this, but feel maybe this isn’t intentional from Jill…..

Anyway, last two/three pictures. Second to last is my favourite Fire escape at Whitworth Art Gallery, went there recently and stuck my head around this now familiar corner just to see what they were up to……………
And the last two, ‘Composition 0221‘ and ‘Composition 0061‘, 0221 being by far my favourite with 0061 shadows not being quite right….

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