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It seems the University of Salford has been thinking of new ways to enthuse its staff. Firstly back room staff, the technicians and secretaries of the populous are asked to Apply for their own jobs! I don’t know why Salford University see it fit to treat its staff this way, or just how this makes them all better at their jobs etc etc etc. However I of course Don’t run a multi million pound university, I don’t make odd decisions like paying out 20 million to rent out a section of media city. ( I say section, that makes it sound huge, 4 floor of a building to be more precise) With a fitting out cost of 30 million. So are people re-applying for their own jobs so we can cut a few to pay for media city? Will Peel Holdings be forever our most gracious friends now?
So now the rumour is teaching staff are having to apply for they own jobs too. Going back after the easter break is going to be fun. Oh the joy of finishing your degree whilst the University implodes on itself!!
This does mean more art though. Gabrielle and myself under our ‘Proesch & Passmore‘ monica will be changing more of the University, and now with a slightly different edge. So next piece is ‘Signs They Are A Changing‘. Where the first victim of sign change will be……………….

New Sign for Allerton Studios Reception Phone

This falls into line with ‘Mapping The Studios‘, a work that now takes on even more of a twisted angle as there is talk of Allerton Studios courses being moved to the other end of the University. Which would of course have us back surrounded by fellow art courses instead of Nurses and Physios, Business and Teaching courses which is the present. But, having completed a Foundation Course within the suggested building, knowing the 3D workshop facilities, I shudder at the prospect others will face.
The other works under the ‘Proesch & Passmore’ title are of course ‘Mother & Child Divided’ and ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape’.

So what will the return to university bring? Meetings about what to do re the cuts? What can any of us do? Especially now the Student Survey has passed by, I’m sure one of the questions was; “Would you recommend this course to a friend?”. Funny that!
However meeting with the university to see what they have to say about the whole affair is going to be fun.

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Whilst still wondering what the piece should be called, I’ve come up with another title, Taking Up Space.
Pushed into a little corner over this, I was desperate to enter a particular competition, as whilst researching Yayoi Kusama I’d found this competition where you could visit the artists studio!
So what else can you do but enter?! A chance not to be missed, but what best express’s the theme of OBSESSION? The piece I was working on at the time I was researching Kusama’s work I guess best fits in with this. Kind of handy that. But if I’ve actually managed to convey how obsessive the piece became, the struggle and the issues it raised that went way beyond what I’d originally set out to achieve. God knows!

Names I’d originally thought of using…….

Isolation II

Preparation For A Death March

This One Is For Eileen

The Impossible Darkness That You Find In The World

Spaces Found

I Don’t Like You Very Much

I Do Not Think I Will Like You Very Much Anymore

I Like The Idea Of Causing Trouble For You And Everyone Else

I Will Get The Figures And Work Out What This Is Costing You

Try To Understand

This Is All About Surviving Life

Touch Feel Listen Hear

Spaces Found Inside My Soul

There Has Never Been A Space Within This World For Me

There Has Never Been A Space Within This World For You

Anyway, to see the site and my ‘Project’, you can find it here ……..

There is a reason I’ve not been fastidiously writing here, finals time. Time to make all they have taught us happen, show something worth showing!
Although in one way I’ve kind of got that covered. Not that this is for placement within the Degree Show within the studios as that would be a bit of a waste. Firstly I don’t want to perform on Degree Show night, hate having family and friends as a performance audience. They feel they have to comment, plus be nice, plus understand etc. It is just best for all concerned they not be there, and degree show they will want to be at the actual thing. (Last year got around this by performing ‘Father‘ before the main show started.)
Anyway, the sorted bit….. Reproducing/Interpreting/Re-performing a Bruce Nauman piece. Wrote to him and astonishingly he has said yes. Why Astonishingly?! Well would you let some foreign students fck with your work? Not sure I would. Although now I’d be ashamed not to let anyone redo one of my performances. We need to send him our proposal, updated now of course!
Whilst on the subject of Bruce Nauman, we have a piece out at the moment, ‘Mapping The Studios‘. Which of corse shares a name with work by Nauman, ‘Mapping the Studios II‘. Have to admit I was tempted to call our Maping The Studios Too. However…..

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Actually as I mention other works we have at the moment in and around uni, we should mention; ‘The Acquired Inability to Escape‘ and ‘Mother & Child Divided‘, we’ve credited these as with all our works within the hallways as “Proesch & Passmore”, Gilbert & George to those that know. This was a conscious effort to distance ourselves from the work, as though artists making work about other artists, us. Maybe a mistake? Should we just take responsibility? that remains to be seen I guess.

Make of these what you will. The titles say quite a lot about them, despite being taken from Damien Hirst, they do shed light onto what we are trying to say. Not just there to piss off Mr Hirst, which apparently using his titles does.
Other work up and to the moment. ‘Hang Nail‘, which really is an exercise in “Modern” art, rather than being anything we’d present outside of University. Just a visual pun type thing that came to mind. Although maybe our tutors are teaching us a lesson with the other little piece featuring a hammer? I do love this, but feel maybe this isn’t intentional from Jill…..

Anyway, last two/three pictures. Second to last is my favourite Fire escape at Whitworth Art Gallery, went there recently and stuck my head around this now familiar corner just to see what they were up to……………
And the last two, ‘Composition 0221‘ and ‘Composition 0061‘, 0221 being by far my favourite with 0061 shadows not being quite right….