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Just done the page for Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer on the ur blog…………..”Art is whatever you want it to be. As an artist, whatever you claim as art, is art, it might not be conventional or even good but it’s definitely art. A more intriguing question is what is an artist?
This artist is usually known as Benjamin McChrystal Plimmer, a contemporary art student currently at Salford University on the Visual Arts course.”

tape tunnel

tape tunnel


I of course should list my artworks, just why I haven’t before now is beyond me. So today the first one gets listed, more to follow of course but for now…. Father

FATHER  P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010

FATHER P88E404995OU (The Type Writer Dirge) 2010

Whilst there is no denying there are good times and there are bad, this week has certainly been good. I could have chopped a finger off in a horrendous accident and the week still be good on reflection. But that’s another story for another day.
First thing to get my appreciation was ur:performance getting up in Google rankings. It may sound sad, but you need to be on the first page of Google if people are to find you, and unfortunately ur:performance wasn’t for a while, although this blog was so it was findable. Anyway at the start of this week it was third, and now I just checked and it is second and second only to me. So now when people google for us, they get us!! yay. Which reminds me of…..Let Me Google That For You , I should use this so much more. (Although it doesn’t work very well sometimes, why would ur really be Your? Google do you think I’m… yeah ok)
So today we’ll create a page for Benny on there, he gave me his words and images last week and I’ve not got to it for him, so today is it. Plus time to get Dates for Red up, oh and get press stuff out to I guess. Gotta love how much time this ur business takes up!
ur:performance invite red

ur:performance invite red

ur:performance invite red

Other stuff, well plenty of ideas flowing. The Isolation, installation is more progressed and could be finished this week. Which is a relief as it has been going on a while whilst I’ve been ill and working out as I go Just what the hell I’m doing! FACT & LIES is doing well too, just time stopping the production of that. Everything is in place for it. And work with Gabrielle is flying, too much stuff to get completed!!! The Institute needs work, some tweeking. The Clowns need work and final documentation work creating, fck there’s too much already and we haven’t even gone into confessional yet. So best go get Bennys’ page done!

Jane Lawson.

Another page for one of the ur artists, Jane did her own page under my guidance. But today I’ll get a couple of others up and some stuff to do with the Yellow night and then of course something for the Red night. Hopefully I’ll get time to do other stuff this weekend!!!!