Unintentional Art, is there such a thing?!

Or is that Outsider Art?
In a world where just the intention can be the art, can the unintentional be the art.
I ask as a trip around a corner of The Whitworth Art Gallery brought me face to face with a post and a sign. This being right in the middle of a Francis Alÿs exhibition I wasn’t sure whether to question it, look for cameras and a Fox, or even just cameras, maybe I was the Fox?! I spent a good while watching that Fox on a previous visit, maybe someone will watch me with the same intrigue one day?! Yeah I guess not. Anyway, the point. Rather a beautiful set up I thought. A don’t come any further this is a fire exit sign, juxtaposed with a clear fire risk. just look at all those plugs into that extension reel! Then there’s the clear fanning of the flames that would transpire, the exit itself full of trip hazards. And all beautifully lit. Yes, the unintentional can be art, and this is it. Oh and the bike tyre on the tree, that’s it too!

Oh, if you haven’t, you should go to the Whitworth
It’s got some lovely stuff on at the mo, especially the Francis Alÿs stuff, Nightwatch which is best seen in all its glory on multiple screens, Duet, Guards and of course Railings. Which is projected onto three screens in a darkened room so totally submersive in both sound and vision, plus of course peak around that corner and see some lovely unintentional art! Just don’t tell them or they’ll put some wall or screen in or something and spoil the delight of that little other world.

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