What is going on in Manchester?

Well what is?! the International festival has died down a little now. If you didn’t see 11 Rooms, well shame on you and shame on the International festival for not making it imperative that you see it. It was.
However this Saturday there’s going to be something really quite strange to see in our town, something that will touch people who have not asked to be touched. I guess this is what happens when you let New York free in Manchester…….”Join Alison Ward for an interactive performance taking the form of a parade through Manchester city centre, ending on Canal street. The big idea is to reconstruct the Hen Party as a Dionysian procession; in ancient Greece this procession was made up of wild female followers who dance and cavort in the streets. The god himself is drawn in a chariot, and Ward has constructed her own chariot for the event, in the form of a white, cake-like wedding dress on wheels.”
Now that is about as much as I know! Don’t Google Hen Party Performance piece without the Alsion Ward bit, as you’ll get all sort of nonsense. But anyway to save you that, here is the blurb from Islington Mill, skroll down! ArtRabbit seem to have more, well a bigger picture in the literal sense here, you know I didn’t know who ArtRabbit where until five minutes ago!
Anyway, all that done I for one should be going to see this, although I’ll maybe skip the chariot bit!

Taken from Artrabbit , I should have asked permission

Join Alison Ward for an exciting evening beginning at Islington Mill onwards

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