Generosity that’s just not seen anymore

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. No no one wants to help you, no one is nice to you, or so you would easily believe. But it’s just not true.
For a few years I’ve used Blinkbid software to structure and keep track of my estimates and invoices to clients. Software that has done me proud, stopped me from making mistakes and ensured simple things like always having my terms and conditions attached to my invoices and estimates. Something that is essential in this world where it is so easy to steal your photographic work and intellectual property. A fact probably not just true in the photographic world.
So imagine my dismay when faced with a failing hard drive I’m about to lose the program/data/the will to live. A change in direction with me at University, meaning buying the new version of Blinkbid impossible. Money and being a student just don’t go hand in hand! Not doing the amount of photographic work I used to, just meant I was going to have to lose this program or have to cobble something together somehow. It was years ago, 4-5 years ago I got it. In these present times you can’t expect back up so long after the event, it’s not like it cost me a fortune in the first place! If I remember rightly it came with a nice big discount at the time as I was a member of The Association of Photographers! The version Blinkbid now run is a whole new version on from the one I have, so what could I do?
An email to Blinkbid?! Help! What do I do?! I’m a poor student, I’m hardly doing any business, I am up that proverbial creek.
Well it appears I’m not up that creek at all !!!! A simple email from Blinkbid, Don’t worry. We’ll help you out. Download the new software, make sure you’ve backed up and all is good. So now I have the all new whistle gongs and bells version of their software, all my old data, no problems no hassle. Plus most importantly for me in my situation, No charge.
Sometimes business can drag you down so easily, a harsh dog eat dog world. But this is a lesson in humanity I guess. Some people out there in the world are just nice, and will help you out when you need it. Perhaps it’s that California sunshine with these guys, who knows! But what seemed like a mountain of a problem became something that will keep me smiling for an age!

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