Virgin Media

So, ask yourself a question.
Should I get Virginmedia?
Should i get Virgin Broadband?
What Broadband is best?
What is Virgin customer service like?!
Is Virginmedia cheap?
What is the best deal from Virgin Media?
What is it like?

If you are asking any of these questions, and you want a short quick answer……. No, don’t go there.

For a longer answer…….

Virginmedia fitted their line in over 48 hours ago. Still it doesn’t work.
Spent hours I’ll not get back on the phone to them now. Turn the router off, turn your computer off, use a hard line in, use a pc, use a mac, kick it. Oh ok they’ve not said to kick it yet. But maybe soon we’ll have to try that. At the moment the router is sat on my desk, unplugged both from the main and from the cable that brings (or doesn’t bring) the broadband, this is their latest idea. Un plug everything for 2, yes two, hours. Then plug it all back in and try again.

The technicians left proclaiming it working, we had pre registered, all was well. No it wasn’t. They were lying. It has never worked. I bet they don’t ever come back to tarmac the line in outside our house either. The mess they’ve made of the lawn?! Well I was never fond of that grass anyway, it always looked at me funny in the mornings.

Wonder when they will start charging us from?! Bet they are already taking money from our account. I wonder if they charge for bothering their technical staff with silly questions like, Why doesn’t my broadband work mister?
Oh and as for lying about my broadband working, it seems their ads lie too…..UK Advertising Standards Agency Slams Virgin Media Over Misleading Ads

So far I’ve spoken to people with English accents, Scottish accents and somewhere on the Indian sub continent accents. I’m looking forward to easten block accent and maybe hopefully an american accent?! It would be nice.

Anyway 30mb broadband, don’t bother because it doesn’t work. Well not here in the North West of England, I knew I should live in London! Perhaps New York?
Oh and I’d expect that their 10, 50, 100 Mb broadband doesn’t work either. The fact of whether it is “Ultra fast” as they claim can not just be down to us having chosen 30? Can it?

Perhaps I should attempt to resolve the situation like Gordon did?

No, I am going to join the campaign for broadband honesty, yes you heard me right. Sounds like the thing to join. It’s ran by a man called Richard, and that’s a name I’ve always liked. You too can see how to support the campaign for broadband honesty, here.

Richard has got what I want

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