Pain, the pain of dissertation and so on…..

So pain is going to be the subject of my dissertation.
I’m going to have to coil this in somehow as there’s probably just a little more to this than 6-8,000 words will hold!! But the research has started.
Enduring Creation; Art, Pain and Fortitude by Nigel Spivey plus a heap of books I’m trying to make headway into!
A look at Vienna Actionists, and of cause the Holocaust will raise its ugly head as no pain is complete without reference to that. I’m hoping somehow the research will pull me one way or another, I thought of linking it into medicine and how pain works in reality. But that’s broadening the work, not tightening it up!!
Anyway, a question to Yoko Ono through twitter whilst doing this should provide some insight!………..”From within your own art work is there any particular piece that reflects your own personal Pain? @yokoono #yokoQandA”……………very useful of her to have such an open spirit.

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