Magritte et chips

It’s here, but you have to pay. just what is that about?! I should have gotten myself onto some sort of press preview, or the actual preview or something. Now I’ll have to pay £7 of my hard earned or part of my student loan to more precise, just to go see Magritte at The Tate
Is it irony or just misfortune that the money I need to complete my art studies would be spent on this? I wonder if they give us art student an extra £20 for this sort of stuff?! Yeah they must.
Anyway, whilst reading through the various press for this undoubted masterly exhibition, oh I do hope they have sky for the carpet, I couldn’t help but stumble upon this….. Tate Blog

And then couldn’t help but re crop their picture, I’m sorry, I deserve all I get. I shouldn’t just find things and create crap out of them

I am sorry

I would of course apologise to the photographer concerned, but no name in the metadata, no copyright notice, no nothing. I can tell you when it was shot, that they used Photoshop CS3 (windoze) at some stage of the saving process. Perhaps the person concerned is not proud of their work?! Doesn’t care about their work?! Shame really.
Anyway Warhol is on his way, he’ll be in Salford and undoubtably he’ll be free.
The Lowry

Looks a scream

Anyway, wondering what to do? Wondering where to go? What is happening? In Manchester? In Liverpool? Go see Warhol, use the £7 to buy yourself and big mac meal, film yourself eating it and feel just like the man himself!

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