Venice Biennale: In every word, a parallel betrayal

Venice Biennale: In every pavilion, a parallel universe. You need to read this article a few times, just to check. Yes really, the only artists that don’t get name checked are? The jewish ones! Well ok, I don’t know if any of the other artists mentioned are jewish, maybe they are? Who give a shit? And actually the artists concerned are referred to as Israeli, so they of course they could be christian, muslim, oh just about any religion. However the point is, why name check everyone else but those holding an Israeli passport? I’m no great fan of the Nation of Israel, no great fan of their policies in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, oh just about anywhere. Maybe these artists aren’t? It sounds as if one is bemused by it all at least! Maybe as bemused as I am? But perhaps this is the sort of stuff that makes them feel backed into a corner? Fighting for their very existence? Maybe the Telegraph doesn’t want to get involved? Maybe the journalist has been on one to many free trip to Dubai?! There’s modern art in them there dunes after all. Ok I haven’t a clue about the Telegraphs policies or the journalists integrity, it is unfair to make jibes. But why? why are Israelis nameless?

Anyway, Yael Bartana, first non Pole to represent Poland in Venice. You’d think worth a mention. Well thankfully e-flux thought so, so you can read all about the artist here
Whilst in the Israeli Pavilion it was Sigalit Landa, the unnamed artist. Thankfully The Art Newspaper let us in on the secret. Although weirdly to find out I had to add 2011 to the search “israel at venice biennale” for Goolge to turn anything relevant up. Top Hit without the 2011 was this rather strange piece from 2006 but hey it’s always worth reading 5 year old news to find out something new you didn’t know!
All I wanted to do was read some stuff about this thing in Venice, I should have stuck to what’s on at the Tate. Can’t wait for Magritte personally.

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