Well it is underway properly now, first performance as The UR done, although of course it was the Ursonata again, so we didn’t need that much practice.
Black night is set, the invite looks like this……..
So whilst I’m doing my reciepts, plus researching some “pain” artists, plus buying some books, plus catching up on twitter, thought I’d Google UR, just to see if anyone else out there is doing it. UR is for us just a sound, did i say just? No sound is “just”, anyway, yes a sound. For others of course, something else, like in New York, yu got this…..
Be Who You Are, they say…………
URNEWYORK Site & Gallery
Love this mashed up chaos that is their artwork, references and styles and just abut everything and anything pulled into beautiful pieces, their gallery is over 100 pages on Flickr, so put some time aside if you are gonna attempt it!
The you’ve got U.R.Beautiful by Urban Retreat. Trying to look classy, but using text speak You Are Beautiful? but then they are Urban Retreat? And they’ve pu full stops in their to break up the UR. Anyway, can’t be assed spending the time thinking about these people.
Who’d have thought there was a book too, only available on Amazon Kindle!!!!
Scarier than that though is UR Group as they have a “defence” section, funny how they never call it attack or assault or aggression department. Anyway, I’m sure they do good work that keeps us all safe.
United Rentals, wow they do all the good stuff. Big drills, stair lifts, HVAC stuff, oh you name it they got it. Plus a nice smiley man to great you on their home page . Although the pics are on rotation so you may get something dull, sorry.
And UR Place, they are in Hyde just up the road from me, how lovely and local. Almost is my place then, although that green they use on their site would put me off even phoning them should it infect me in some way.
What is it about green? Is this one of those unfortunate things that climate change/global warming has brought to us? Every fckr thinking Green is a lovely colour to use, lovely colour for grass but really, for you site when you are trying to get across some trite about being the brand!!
Ok, no more looking at versions of UR, there’s other stuff to be doing. Who wants to know if You Are Energy, although when UR Energy say UR they are not thinking of You Are…….”Ur-Energy is a dynamic junior mining company focusing on exploration and development of uranium properties in the United States and in Canada.”. So there!

Listen carefully and you’ll here “clean energy” (some may doubt that) and Wyoming is “mining friendly” (I’m sure they did a census of Wyoming population to find this out), but anyway the mining technique they use is “environmentally friendly” (I wonder who’s environment they mean?). Anyway, I use electricity, so have no leg to stand on, I’ll shut up and go eat my dinner………..

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