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So, ask yourself a question.
Should I get Virginmedia?
Should i get Virgin Broadband?
What Broadband is best?
What is Virgin customer service like?!
Is Virginmedia cheap?
What is the best deal from Virgin Media?
What is it like?

If you are asking any of these questions, and you want a short quick answer……. No, don’t go there.

For a longer answer…….

Virginmedia fitted their line in over 48 hours ago. Still it doesn’t work.
Spent hours I’ll not get back on the phone to them now. Turn the router off, turn your computer off, use a hard line in, use a pc, use a mac, kick it. Oh ok they’ve not said to kick it yet. But maybe soon we’ll have to try that. At the moment the router is sat on my desk, unplugged both from the main and from the cable that brings (or doesn’t bring) the broadband, this is their latest idea. Un plug everything for 2, yes two, hours. Then plug it all back in and try again.

The technicians left proclaiming it working, we had pre registered, all was well. No it wasn’t. They were lying. It has never worked. I bet they don’t ever come back to tarmac the line in outside our house either. The mess they’ve made of the lawn?! Well I was never fond of that grass anyway, it always looked at me funny in the mornings.

Wonder when they will start charging us from?! Bet they are already taking money from our account. I wonder if they charge for bothering their technical staff with silly questions like, Why doesn’t my broadband work mister?
Oh and as for lying about my broadband working, it seems their ads lie too…..UK Advertising Standards Agency Slams Virgin Media Over Misleading Ads

So far I’ve spoken to people with English accents, Scottish accents and somewhere on the Indian sub continent accents. I’m looking forward to easten block accent and maybe hopefully an american accent?! It would be nice.

Anyway 30mb broadband, don’t bother because it doesn’t work. Well not here in the North West of England, I knew I should live in London! Perhaps New York?
Oh and I’d expect that their 10, 50, 100 Mb broadband doesn’t work either. The fact of whether it is “Ultra fast” as they claim can not just be down to us having chosen 30? Can it?

Perhaps I should attempt to resolve the situation like Gordon did?

No, I am going to join the campaign for broadband honesty, yes you heard me right. Sounds like the thing to join. It’s ran by a man called Richard, and that’s a name I’ve always liked. You too can see how to support the campaign for broadband honesty, here.

Richard has got what I want


It’s here, but you have to pay. just what is that about?! I should have gotten myself onto some sort of press preview, or the actual preview or something. Now I’ll have to pay £7 of my hard earned or part of my student loan to more precise, just to go see Magritte at The Tate
Is it irony or just misfortune that the money I need to complete my art studies would be spent on this? I wonder if they give us art student an extra £20 for this sort of stuff?! Yeah they must.
Anyway, whilst reading through the various press for this undoubted masterly exhibition, oh I do hope they have sky for the carpet, I couldn’t help but stumble upon this….. Tate Blog

And then couldn’t help but re crop their picture, I’m sorry, I deserve all I get. I shouldn’t just find things and create crap out of them

I am sorry

I would of course apologise to the photographer concerned, but no name in the metadata, no copyright notice, no nothing. I can tell you when it was shot, that they used Photoshop CS3 (windoze) at some stage of the saving process. Perhaps the person concerned is not proud of their work?! Doesn’t care about their work?! Shame really.
Anyway Warhol is on his way, he’ll be in Salford and undoubtably he’ll be free.
The Lowry

Looks a scream

Anyway, wondering what to do? Wondering where to go? What is happening? In Manchester? In Liverpool? Go see Warhol, use the £7 to buy yourself and big mac meal, film yourself eating it and feel just like the man himself!

So pain is going to be the subject of my dissertation.
I’m going to have to coil this in somehow as there’s probably just a little more to this than 6-8,000 words will hold!! But the research has started.
Enduring Creation; Art, Pain and Fortitude by Nigel Spivey plus a heap of books I’m trying to make headway into!
A look at Vienna Actionists, and of cause the Holocaust will raise its ugly head as no pain is complete without reference to that. I’m hoping somehow the research will pull me one way or another, I thought of linking it into medicine and how pain works in reality. But that’s broadening the work, not tightening it up!!
Anyway, a question to Yoko Ono through twitter whilst doing this should provide some insight!………..”From within your own art work is there any particular piece that reflects your own personal Pain? @yokoono #yokoQandA”……………very useful of her to have such an open spirit.

Venice Biennale: In every pavilion, a parallel universe. You need to read this article a few times, just to check. Yes really, the only artists that don’t get name checked are? The jewish ones! Well ok, I don’t know if any of the other artists mentioned are jewish, maybe they are? Who give a shit? And actually the artists concerned are referred to as Israeli, so they of course they could be christian, muslim, oh just about any religion. However the point is, why name check everyone else but those holding an Israeli passport? I’m no great fan of the Nation of Israel, no great fan of their policies in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, oh just about anywhere. Maybe these artists aren’t? It sounds as if one is bemused by it all at least! Maybe as bemused as I am? But perhaps this is the sort of stuff that makes them feel backed into a corner? Fighting for their very existence? Maybe the Telegraph doesn’t want to get involved? Maybe the journalist has been on one to many free trip to Dubai?! There’s modern art in them there dunes after all. Ok I haven’t a clue about the Telegraphs policies or the journalists integrity, it is unfair to make jibes. But why? why are Israelis nameless?

Anyway, Yael Bartana, first non Pole to represent Poland in Venice. You’d think worth a mention. Well thankfully e-flux thought so, so you can read all about the artist here
Whilst in the Israeli Pavilion it was Sigalit Landa, the unnamed artist. Thankfully The Art Newspaper let us in on the secret. Although weirdly to find out I had to add 2011 to the search “israel at venice biennale” for Goolge to turn anything relevant up. Top Hit without the 2011 was this rather strange piece from 2006 but hey it’s always worth reading 5 year old news to find out something new you didn’t know!
All I wanted to do was read some stuff about this thing in Venice, I should have stuck to what’s on at the Tate. Can’t wait for Magritte personally.

Well it is underway properly now, first performance as The UR done, although of course it was the Ursonata again, so we didn’t need that much practice.
Black night is set, the invite looks like this……..
So whilst I’m doing my reciepts, plus researching some “pain” artists, plus buying some books, plus catching up on twitter, thought I’d Google UR, just to see if anyone else out there is doing it. UR is for us just a sound, did i say just? No sound is “just”, anyway, yes a sound. For others of course, something else, like in New York, yu got this…..
Be Who You Are, they say…………
URNEWYORK Site & Gallery
Love this mashed up chaos that is their artwork, references and styles and just abut everything and anything pulled into beautiful pieces, their gallery is over 100 pages on Flickr, so put some time aside if you are gonna attempt it!
The you’ve got U.R.Beautiful by Urban Retreat. Trying to look classy, but using text speak You Are Beautiful? but then they are Urban Retreat? And they’ve pu full stops in their to break up the UR. Anyway, can’t be assed spending the time thinking about these people.
Who’d have thought there was a book too, only available on Amazon Kindle!!!!
Scarier than that though is UR Group as they have a “defence” section, funny how they never call it attack or assault or aggression department. Anyway, I’m sure they do good work that keeps us all safe.
United Rentals, wow they do all the good stuff. Big drills, stair lifts, HVAC stuff, oh you name it they got it. Plus a nice smiley man to great you on their home page . Although the pics are on rotation so you may get something dull, sorry.
And UR Place, they are in Hyde just up the road from me, how lovely and local. Almost is my place then, although that green they use on their site would put me off even phoning them should it infect me in some way.
What is it about green? Is this one of those unfortunate things that climate change/global warming has brought to us? Every fckr thinking Green is a lovely colour to use, lovely colour for grass but really, for you site when you are trying to get across some trite about being the brand!!
Ok, no more looking at versions of UR, there’s other stuff to be doing. Who wants to know if You Are Energy, although when UR Energy say UR they are not thinking of You Are…….”Ur-Energy is a dynamic junior mining company focusing on exploration and development of uranium properties in the United States and in Canada.”. So there!

Listen carefully and you’ll here “clean energy” (some may doubt that) and Wyoming is “mining friendly” (I’m sure they did a census of Wyoming population to find this out), but anyway the mining technique they use is “environmentally friendly” (I wonder who’s environment they mean?). Anyway, I use electricity, so have no leg to stand on, I’ll shut up and go eat my dinner………..

Well today started well, a walk with the dog, breakfast, that kind of thing. Then a quick email to The Independent.


I’m writing to draw your attention to a small but important issue.

Your article Ninety gaffes in ninety years ( whilst being quite funny displays a couple of rather worrying aspects.

In two instances you refer to wheelchair users as “wheelchair bound”.

“20 “Do you know they have eating dogs for the anorexic now?” To a wheelchair-bound Susan Edwards, and her guide dog Natalie in 2002.”

“56 “Do people trip over you?” Meeting a wheelchair-bound nursing-home resident in 2002.”

In this age of mass communication you have a responsibility. Propagation of such attitudes as seeing wheelchair users as “bound” to their wheelchairs is really quite awful. This is not a question of being politically correct, the is a question of just how you The Independent and your writers see your fellow human beings.
I would suggest you contact Susan Edwards and ask how she would like to be referred to, however i doubt you would.
Perhaps look at or or and you will get the idea.

I would of course appreciate a reply, I would appreciate hearing that you will put in place some sort of action with your editors to filter out such terminology.



MACLESE (personal email)

Wonder if I’ll get a reply? It’s probably one of those emails they just laugh off, silly fool from manchester wrote to complain, what an ass. Well it needed saying anyway, and you never know, they may just Get It!!!
I should have read through all the comments they had, but the first couple of pages were just about how funny the Duke of Edinburgh is. (Having met him, yes he is as funny in real life, but that’s another story). So I wasn’t gong to trawl through hundreds of “my favourite is No44” type comments.
want to see a blog about wheelchair stuff
Anyway, on to other stuff………

Long time in thought process, a little time in planning and now starting to work through the project properly. Gabrielle and I worked through some of the performance aspect on the 17th, see how people reacted, see how it played out in reality. Thank you of course to all those that let us do that. This is the second time I’ve incorporated a performance piece into formal “hand in” of work, weirdly it settles the nerves!
Anyway, site is now starting to come into being, the shell is there and it will get more and more populated as the project moves of, The Institute of Neurological Deviance , is open.
We will be holding a clinic on the 30th at Islington Mill, an “art” night themed black.

We are of course a charitable foundation, all donations welcome.