Excited by finding a receipt. I never thought I’d see this day!

Well if you are going to see Berlin, and you are going to experience anything foreign. Immerse yourself, be uncomfortable, get right in there and grab it by the horns, or whatever you feel comfortable grabbing. I thought I’d lost this receipt, I thought I’d lost just where we had been, but thankfully I know just where now. Although only now does it occur to me that of course I could re-download the Time Out App I used on my phone, and it’d be stored in there somehow, these apps have a tendency of doing that. I scrubbed Facebook, only to reload it and didn’t even have to sign back in, not sure whether to be concerned or happy about that?! Anyway, I digress. the food in this place is fckn awesome. I think that is how it is said. Five of us ate here, to give an idea of what the price means. No idea of what we were ordering, no translation as no one spoke German in our party, well not enough to get beyond knowing what a beer and a coke was. So educated guess work and the most delicious superb meal you could wish for. Worth the back street trek, down dark alleys, railway sidings and generally quite a worrying landscape.
Personally i can recommend the steak, everything came with a kinda pasta thing, shit just go there!! Now!! See proper Berlin, be stared at by proper Berliners! It’s small in a railway arch, with a set of drums screwed to the wall, just so you know you’re n the right place when you get there! Oh and tell them I sent you…..

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