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So busily getting thoughts together on Black, for up and coming night of Black at Islington Mill.
The group of Helmut to put a night on, art etc along the theme of Black.
This Should be interesting, medical should get an outing and maybe some bruce nauman inspired stuff


Well what would you know! Just received noticed from Richard at The Frank Consultancy that a piece of work I worked on for the ACF has been shortlisted in marketing awards, the not for profit category. I can’t see it winning, after all it’s for something Military and they tend not to win awards. It’s the soft fluffy stuff that gets through, but hey it puts a broad beam on ya face knowing it just got this far. Immensely proud.

Well if you are going to see Berlin, and you are going to experience anything foreign. Immerse yourself, be uncomfortable, get right in there and grab it by the horns, or whatever you feel comfortable grabbing. I thought I’d lost this receipt, I thought I’d lost just where we had been, but thankfully I know just where now. Although only now does it occur to me that of course I could re-download the Time Out App I used on my phone, and it’d be stored in there somehow, these apps have a tendency of doing that. I scrubbed Facebook, only to reload it and didn’t even have to sign back in, not sure whether to be concerned or happy about that?! Anyway, I digress. the food in this place is fckn awesome. I think that is how it is said. Five of us ate here, to give an idea of what the price means. No idea of what we were ordering, no translation as no one spoke German in our party, well not enough to get beyond knowing what a beer and a coke was. So educated guess work and the most delicious superb meal you could wish for. Worth the back street trek, down dark alleys, railway sidings and generally quite a worrying landscape.
Personally i can recommend the steak, everything came with a kinda pasta thing, shit just go there!! Now!! See proper Berlin, be stared at by proper Berliners! It’s small in a railway arch, with a set of drums screwed to the wall, just so you know you’re n the right place when you get there! Oh and tell them I sent you…..

Last night was the preview of – Beyond These Walls, held at The Contemporary Art Space, The University of Chester.
Featuring Artists: Caroline Backhouse/ Annabelle Buckley/ Sandra Christie/ James Green/ Neil Greenhalgh/ Philip Elbourne/ Brenda Sharp/ Estelle Woolley

Private View – Thursday 5th May 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Continues until May 27th
Open weekdays 9am – 4pm

Now Chester Artist Collective is an artist led, not for profit organisation established in 2010 by Caroline Backhouse and Estelle Woolley, both Fine Art graduates of The University of Chester, and my wife knows both of them. This comes through their work with The Chester Link. Although that is really superfluous to their work desplayed at Beyond These Walls.

Both Caroline and Estelle’s work shines out. As none of the work at the exhibition bore any description beyond the media it was created with, so it seems trite to impose my own personal thoughts and feelings. However, to see Caroline’s textile pieces hanging from the ceiling brought a certain unease, should you be drawn in? Should you be repulsed? As you first walk into the space you see these pieces as though floating with no visible means of support, deep darks reds with overtures of animal maybe even human intestines hanging as thoughts in your head. Drawn in as you’ll inevitably be, the dryness of these textile pieces brings a dryness to your mouth. You’ll question what you see, you’ll be intrigued by how they are made. You may even see something really quite different from me! You will certainly see something different in another piece by Caroline, a corner of the space filled with her trademark textiles. But here you’ll want to sit in amongst the work, invited as you are to touch it, you should. Soft and delicate, its contrast to its hanging counterparts a wonderful relief.
Whilst Caroline’s work drew the eye with its deep blood reds, Estelle’s work blended. Its muted tones of white and grey blending with the inevitable white and grey of the gallery space. A comment on prescribed medication? Nurturing and loss? How delicate the facade of life can be propped up by medication? Or just beautifully made little pieces? So wonderfully delicate you feel as though they could fall apart under your gaze. To work with the site so well, so sensitively, requires something extra. These are pieces to be mulled over, exquisite thought process.
To say anymore is to interfere with the artists silence on the pieces. I shouldn’t get in the way of the spectator, inject my personality and interpretations. Go and see for yourself. There are other works to see as well, there are after all eight artists exhibiting. So if my taste doesn’t match yours, there’s always the “other” work.
Should you get there, persevere if you can’t initially find it. The gallery space is right at the back of the building from the main entrance you’ll no doubt arrive at. The travel through the hallways will give you a lovely insight into up and coming students too, if you are lucky enough to spot some on the way!
Full details of the exhibition here
Or here