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Underground Separation saw the climax of two pieces; Mother & Child, P88E404996OU (2010-11) and Father, P88E404995OU, (2010-11).
As of course I’m doing a degree in Art it seems only right I should use both these works for my Studio Practice Module!
For “Father” I have put together stills and film to document the process, and of course uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo. It seems a waste for only assessors and tutors to see it.


Well, I’ve just updated the Underground Separation blog and it’s time to reflect on the project. How it went, how it was received and of course how you can do things better! I’ve a few more projects in mind, so I’ll be writing those up over the next couple of weeks. Plus of course we can bring Underground Separation back for more exhibitions, personally I love the name and it seems a waste to not use the web address’s and logo etc for more work. I’ll have to talk that through with the others of course!

Preview night for our Exhibition has been and gone now. An undeniable success, with an overcrowded gallery and some superb art on show the whole thing came together superbly. Can’t thank Paul (Green) enough for his sound contribution, without which the show just wouldn’t have been the same. He lived up to all expectations creating a superb layer of sound to cover the whole event.
Personally it brought to a close, Father. A sculptural piece months in the making, a process of destruction undertaken on this typewriter lasting since last year. The process of rusting even involving periods in an oven to dry out the piece to then subject it to the elements yet again culminated in the attack by myself just before the preview opening. This “end” performance involved the spreading of the typewriter heads around the exhibition area, in a mock blessing as though sprinkled with holy water. Then a prayer before the attack, and a prayer after. To say it was a cathartic experience for me could be an understatement!
I’ll post here a video of the performance, just as soon as I’ve edited it. But you can see stills taken by Becky Jackson for me, plus stills taken before, during and just after the exhibition. (You’ll be able to catch her work in there too if you watch closely).
I’ve also now started the destructive process on “Mother & Child”. This will involve working away at those layers of paint it has taken months to put down, with some nail clippers. Each day I’ll work on each painting for half an hour. A painful process not just mentally as the hours of devotion I’ve shown these two works starts to fall away, but also painful physically as even the morphine patches and other medications don’t protect from intense work like this, where my position/posture do nothing to elevate my constant back issues.
For more on Underground Separation go to the blog
Or even a quick Google search will bring either the blog or our web site!

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