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Underground Separation Event

Go join, now!

The work of hidden artists emerging for the first time as far as the basement of The Soup Kitchen for a showcase of diversity, Fresh talent and great art. To attempt to brand the show with any theme or common concern would be to do the work an injustice We are individuals, Our ideas are our own, We have our separate identities and agendas. But we are all underground, Simmering away beneath the surface of the Manchester art scene. This show begins to draw out the best work and bring it into the light, Frank Stella said “You see what you know”, but perhaps we will make you stop make you think, make you see something you never knew was possible. Come, bring only your eyes, open them a little wider and interpret Underground Separation however you will Preview Night: 7th April Running 7th April – 21st April 2011 Break Night Party: TBA At The Soup Kitchen Northern Quarter, Manchester You can find our website at


Eighty plus pages of web site later, and is done.
I job I was reticent to take on, a job I could have just left at a blog. Why would anyone do that to themselves?! Well I guess it was an exercise in, er, well, er, well, er yeah something or other. Anyway it is done, only one artist not got words and pics, and he’s the one who hasn’t supplied any. I guess that’s a monday morning chase!!!

Well, web site is going well, well as well as can be expected for a site I’ve no clue what I’m doing on!!! Is it saying the right things?! Is it looking like it knows what it is doing?! I think I may have to break from this and take some fresh eyes at it later.

And the blog !!!! A new theme to play with that I haven’t got my head around yet, I’m sure I can make it do more, but just building the basics is taking an age!!!