To The Point

Ok, so to the point it is, I know nothing of type. I like Ariel, It’s my typeface of choice. It’s what my web site and my business cards use. It’s what I write my emails in. It’s selected here as my typeface of choice, I even have my web browser set so Ariel is the default.
So imagine my glee when someone comes up with an app for the iPhone, I Shot the Serif (but I did not shoot the sans-serif). Shooting Serif type faces has never been such fun, plus you can do it online on their site too here

Oh and there’s some nice work by these folks too, I hope they get some good traffic to their site from this. Not just people in the business like me who will idly spend an hour shooting miscreant typefaces for no more reason than the sound of a gun and its juvenile pleasure. (would have been nice if their was a sound for dying serifs and not just a thumbs up, however a nice retro thumbs up is always appreciated!)


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