Ok, Christmas stuuf. Finally I succumb to your shite….

I keep seeing christmass things I don’t like, and some I do.
I like Santa made to look different

And I like pictures of greasy spoon cafe type scenarios

(Anyway, these are from his greasy spoon Christmas series, I like these I find them genuinely witty. Or do i find them a sad reflection of society, are they where we have been or where we are going. His other work is good to, like the ventriloquist series too, there’s a real undercurrent of evilness in ventriloquist dummies. Maybe it’s that film…….
No not that one, maybe this one…..
No not that one either, maybe this one….
No, no, no, not that one either, maybe this one….

Yeah that’s the one. I love the idea of a failed magician as much as the next man, especially if it was Paul Daniels. But one falling into the arms of madness whilst becoming a ventriloquist is especially appealing.)

Oh and I shouldn’t not include the truely shite……
500 photographers usually shows such inspiring stuff, truly great pictures, and then they come up with this shit……

I think there is more, so I shall add them in a short while

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