Monthly Archives: November 2010

Well it’s finally done, finished the Walk Through Manchester Project.
We have a book
We have a film
I got the book a week or so ago from Blurb . I should have checked it sooner as I’d read all sorts of issues photographers had had. Wonky colours, pages out of order, you name it all the problems under the sun. But my book, perfect. really happy with the repro quality, really happy with the colour saturation and it feels and smells nice too. I wish i had something damning to say about it, maybe the price? Nah seen much more expensive stuff, in fact on there I’ve seen more expensive stuff. You should see some of the crap they have on there, people professing to be photographers with their artsy books, out of focus chump. Not the iPhone camera beauty that I have presented to the world !
So, Manchester A Personal Space is fully fledged, I feel a tear forming. My favourite shot, 0332, which now has my favourite quote to go with it “of course it’s all luck”, Henri Cartier-Bresson.

"Of Course it's All Luck", Henri Cartier-Bresson.