The Street Photography Now Project

Well I was ready for number one, out taking more pics than ever, getting myself honed down and ready to hit the ground running and all those sorts of stupid things you say and do. Then I missed the submission date! But not for number two, no.
I even created a new Flickr account, (yes I’ve forgotten and made no note I can find of the accounts I’ve set up previously!, and ) I’ll add the link for my new account as soon as the pic starts showing up in their searches.
Anyway, the first Instruction was

If you can smell the street by looking at the photograph, it's a street photograph.

The second Instruction was

Turn your attention to the four-legged population

Which I have, here is my speculative entry, Rudy on a Beach

Turn your attention to the four legged population

I’d been tempted to go out and get some table and chairs shots, some mannequins, some thing that please wasn’t an animal. But after missing that first instruction I wasn’t going to just submit nothing!

So get out and do it, I have, you should everyone should. erm, no
Anyway, go see The Photographers Gallery , which surprisingly doesn’t have the web address of The Photographers Gallery !
or get their blog
I suspect they have Twitter too, oh lord i should have twitter ;-(

This all reminds me that I should update
After all I’ve not done it for an age!!

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