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The Mona LisaThey tell you about JOHN CAGE’S 4’33” but what they don’t tell you about is Alphonse Allais, and his Funeral March for the Obsequies of a Deaf Man.
Composed in 1897, his Funeral March for the Obsequies of a Deaf Man — consisting of nine blank measures — predates comparable works by John Cage and Erwin Schulhoff by a considerable margin.
Wiki have him here
We should note his influence on art more directly, The Incoherents Les Arts Incohérents
Mona Lisa smoking a pipe though? Wiki says 1887
The Mona Lisa
Marcel Duchamp didn’t do his until 1919, so how come no mention of Arthur Sapeck (1854-1891) and his smokin Mona?! All Google gives me is in French, perhaps the French have kept him a secret and sectretly laugh at us for following this Yankish Frenchman called Duchamp who just followed?!
Some stuff on the Incoherentshere
It looks like Eugène Bataille, Arthur Sapeck to you and me used to walk the streets of Paris with his head painted blue. Sounds like my kind of man!
No mention of either on the Tate site, but then again they invested in a Fountain didn’t they, so they wouldn’t want Mr Duchamp to be pointed at as a late comer to all this new idea thinking in Art!


Never heard of this guy, but if you want to find an inspirational photographer, then this is a good place to start.
Simon Høegsberg
Don’t know how I got to him, but it was this I looked at first.
A great slice of life, don’t know why it doesn’t go around and around as though you are surrounded by these people. Although I suppose that’s just not what he was thinking about!!

Tattoo Pig

waiting for me on Blackboard on the Uni system, some new documents.
Of course most of them dated for past years, most of them seem to make little sense, but matter not. What matters is this picture, found almost by chance in there, with nothing else around it.
But I think I may know where this pig originated !

Oh, and of course all the metadata has been stripped from the image. So it’s not known where it’s from, no copyright, no nothing.
This then is now an Orphan Work!

I came across this blog
This is shameful, but I’d never come across Wim Delvoye, the Belgian conceptual artist.
So whilst finding out if there’s any interesting stuff about Marcel Duchamp and his chair/wheel escapade that I didn’t know. I find yet more research to do!!
And now I have to think about whether it’s ethically correct to tattoo pigs in the name of art too!
And a fckn blog to read too, good job it’s raining outside!

Whilst doing some research on Ferrofluids, or Friday afternoon aimlessly wandering the web, or just however you want to term it.
Came across this Breathing Chaos Installation thing, magnetic fluid art project.
You’ll need a windows movie player of some sort, but this has to be worth a go see for anyone who hasn’t seen this sort of fluid at work.
Just now need to work out who else has done art works with this kind of medium, and can I do better?
(The question is rhetorical)

Short Film
 Artist&Director:Sachiko Kodama Sound:Ippei Ogura
 2004(c)Sachiko Kodama & Ippei Ogura

If you can recomend few things in this life, then The Creative Review Blog must surely be one of them.
Ok, that’s a little over the top. There’s a long list of things, sex, drugs, rock & roll and that kinda schmuck. Although actually it probably comes above Rock & Roll, that after all didn’t bring you anything to do with the Day of the Dead in Mexico.
So here are Calavera Prints
Superb stuff, so I’ll be doing my own take on death heads me thinks, maybe with a touch of clown thrown in. Probably an over hashed idea already done to death……..

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Oh, and they come from here should you just want to go and buy some!!!!!!!!!!!!!