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Well yes, I’m having to put all the World Cup, or should I say FIFA World Cup 2010 sponsored by the free markets of the capitalist empires. Or Coke to you and me. Anyway, yes I’m having to put them in my iCal so I can make sure, as I’m so busy, that I don’t miss anything that might be good. So I’m publishing it, so you can subscribe and not have to bother! mmmm, thinking of sponsorship, wonder if anyone will try a commando operation again, I loved the Dutch for this one

Oh yes, my calendar though ….. here

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Always a fan and so it seems are the Royal Academy, Stephen Fry, A man it seems with always the right words. A man to dissect what it is that art does to us all, no matter what we stand in front of, no matter what we’ve started to look at or hear.
So here are his words, I’d say read “Them And Weep” but that’s some crass quote or other, anyway……Speech Given at a Dinner for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – 8th June 2010

Oh one should mention he has a new iPad app(FryPaper) for this and that, I’d imagine a new iPhone 4 too, such is his dedication to the cause

It’s not often you find truly good advertising.
It’s hard to be original, but whoever did this deserves more praise than I can dish out. But thanks : Sid Lee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
It’s a collective, you can join, yes you. Maybe me! 🙂
Oh and the blog, you gotta see the blog, sign up to it, do something with it.

Anyway, “I don’t like you either, fool” could be straight out of the mighty Mr T. I think Snoop has got himself a new role in life!! Wonder if I smoked cigars I could become a male escort?
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