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Oh the joy this brings, this is art at it’s quintessential best.

So click and see, oh and listen. actually I think the point is too listen !!!!


A beautiful and unique look at love, or something similar in a short film.
yes short, although at 21 mins it seems not short enough for some people.
Look out for the shot at around 16:35 of a guy running across a bridge as dawn arrives, a lovely shot so well executed it’s untrue. Plus the bonus of the whole “dawn” thing taking on another meaning within the film.
Anyway, watch it, it’s worth it ……. September

Every now and then something gets chucked up that’s really kinda funny.
Lines like….”Make Aids entertaining” can’t be beat. Although just what is a Monkeys gusset? And just how do you cut to it? Is this a porn reference i don’t get? All sorts of things spring to mind!! But anyway, a play about HIV called “Bad Blood”, genius.

So well worth a watch HIV – The Musical

Oh, but fckn adverts in there, and tripe shite ones at that!

I got this from The Mirror Web site, but don’t hold that against me please!

GreenPeace held a flashmob stunt where hundreds of activists pretended to drop dead to simulate a nuclear radioactivity disaster.
The demonstrators, spread out over Zurich in Switzerland, all collapsed at exactly 12.15pm yesterday, as most people were on lunch breaks in the sun.

This YouTube film shows some people apparently ignoring the protestors as they step over them. Others appear terrified and confused or try to help the ‘victims’.
The protest is over plans to build nuclear power stations around Switzerland.

But the main question, just who is the striker who at 17 seconds in does what only a striker can do! Drops dead but carries on rolling for a while, is he trying to get a penalty?!?!
Did they carry on the game from the penalty spot?! Does this mean even GreenPeace protestors with their held high principles and ethics are liable to a little cheat here and there!?!? 😉
I’d like to know!!!! If you do know then please let me know!!

Just how come this has passed my by?

futureshorts — September 01, 2009 — Dir. Miguel Sapochnik / UK / 2007
A man wakes up to find he has trouble with his heart.

Starring: Goran Visnjic

official selection for Edinburgh Film Festival 2007

The Band:

Love this concept, love the five stages that have been quite rightly pointed out.
Love the way it’s been shot, even love the ending!
Subscribe to FutureShorts Channel on YouTube, it’s the best stuff you’ll get from YouTube, ever.
Although it was Secret Cinema that posted a link to me for this one. But hey however it comes, it comes.